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Hands-On (Origami) Reflection Tool


The background is an origami tool with numbers and phrases on it. The image on top is of 3 students sitting down at a table and talking.

Meet the Matter Finder: A Reflective Fortune Teller Game for Inquirers

Do you say the word reflection and your students’ eyes roll? It’s not always easy to facilitate deep thinking playfully. That’s why I’m sharing this fun, hands-on reflection tool. I used it with learners aged 9-adult and they loved it! Use it in your classroom, on your PD day, at home, or wherever you want to debrief a learning experience to determine what was worthwhile or valuable.

🖥 Step One: Download the printable

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I suggest printing it out on letter-size paper (8.5 x 11) single-sided, black and white. You might want one per student if you are inviting learners to take the tool home with them. Otherwise, one per partnership or triad will suffice.

🖨 Step Two: Print + fold printable: One for each small group of two to four.

✍ Students choose 4 colours to decorate: one colour per corner. In my experience, pencil crayons offer the best shading without bleeding or blurring the text.  The colour doesn’t matter for the work, but allowing students to choose their own colour is one way to empower students and create more engagement.

👥 Students take turns answering the questions and holding the fortune teller.

👨‍🏫 Debrief the experience with students:

What did you find out about each other’s learning from playing the game?

What lessons or teachings do you want to hold onto as you move into your next (activity/grade/class/season/inquiry)?

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