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Are you ready to skyrocket engagement? When we plan with concepts in mind, we are able to design experiences that are not only enjoyable but also meet a wide range of educational and developmental needs among our learners. Teaching that is based on relevant concepts, not just facts, and that involves learners in ‘doing’ rather […]

5 Tips for Planning with a Conceptual Lens


Text stating 5 tips for planning with a conceptual lens' and an image of a magnifying glass
A honeycomb grid showing various concepts

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Reason One: Concepts build expertise. Expertise helps us remember, reason, and solve problems. The biggest difference between a novice and an expert is that the expert can identify the big concepts (significant ideas) in their discipline, understand their form and function, describe the patterns they follow, and connect the concepts to solve new problems (National […]

3 Reasons to Consider Concepts in Your Next Inquiry


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What is a concept? Simply put, concepts are ideas. We can think of a concept as a category or mental construct that frames a set of examples with common attributes (Erickson et. al). Relationship, Time, Place, and Self are all examples of concepts. So are Line, Fractions, Character, and Government. Concepts are like file folders. […]

What’s a Concept Anyway?


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