Where Workshops are group-oriented and instructive, EduRetreats are intimate and exploratory. I'm excited to welcome you into a salon-style space, designed for caring collaboration and personal inquiry. Shake off your daily stresses and experience a natural flow of learning through tactile interactions with intelligent people and materials. Leave feeling refreshed with new connections, ideas, and vitality for change. 


Multi day lux-style experience

If you have a vision for responsive teaching with concepts, materials, and experiences but could really use sustained time to play in the pedagogies firsthand, an EduRetreat is for you. Gather with knowledgable inquiry facilitators who put themselves into questions, who lead from the heart as well as the head, and who aspire to nourish learners and their unique journeys from the inside out. We can't wait to meet you!

Who it's for:

experienced inquiry educators


personal SOLUTIONS

Talk details with me

Hang your teacher hat and take a breath, let me take you on an EduRetreat journey.

Sustained time to play, dialogue, and reflect

Get ready to encounter your creativity! Grow your awareness of rich and varied pedagogical possibilities, within your everyday contexts. Enjoy a series of hands-on, concrete experiences to anchor and shape your understanding of the Pop-Up Studio Approach, firsthand from the source. 

what's included

+ 1 Copy of Misty's bestselling book
+ 2 days of active learning
+ Refreshments during breaks and a hot lunch
+ Quiet reflection times alone and with trusted friends

Got Questions? Ask Me


What you can expect:

An inspiring, one-on-one conversation

Hosting vs. Attending:

Want to bring world educators to your school or site? Together we'll transform your staffroom into a Pop-Up Studio! Hosting an EduRetreat is a gift that keeps giving as your teachers return to school on Monday with fresh eyes!

Host an EduRetreat

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From the EduRetreat Guests

lu gerlach, Educational consultant

“Your EduRetreat was magic.  We always hear less is more. This experience reminded me to create less activities and reuse materials to extend the learning.
 I can't wait to get started!”

rafael angel, Pedagogical director, Brussels international school

"What happened after we hosted the EduRetreat? My teachers liberated the space and the children! Seeds where planted and we have the tangibles now."

Sean Walker, Pyp Teacher and IB Workshop leader

“Respect was given to participants and being responsive to connections, journeys, ideas, and experiences.” 

rebekah OCHIENg, IB PYP Teacher 

"It was amazing to experience the layering.  The physical act of making helped me to see how it all fits together." 

debbie mollenhagen, artist, teacher, Cultural coordinator

"CME, the way we experienced it, connects  right to the child, not above them, but also to something beyond us. ” 

Meaningful, memorable, and delightful learning is at your fingertips. Your personalized journey is just a few clicks away. What are you waiting for? Let’s pop-it-up!

Ready to join us?

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Download my mini-toolkit

Wondering where to begin with Pop-Up Studio? 

This introductory guide equips you with a handful of content-neutral, research-based question stems and performance tasks you can use to help learners see relevancy in their work, build subject expertise, and evoke delight in learning. 

See Misty in action, and join alongside other educators as they explore Place as Provocation and Materials as Thinking Partners. The video includes a fun sheet to optimize engagement. Grab a pen, souvenir and dig in!

Pop-Up Studio is all about generating responsible relationships to the materials in our lives, to the ideas we’ve inherited, and ultimately, to each other and the natural world. Discover the philosophy, backstory, and inspiration behind the book now with this FREE introductory chapter.