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Can't afford expensive courses? Tired of waiting for your school to book a workshop? The solution is here, my fellow self-starters!
Meet the Pop-Up Shop: a portfolio of low-cost, high-impact teaching resources. You'll get the passion, research, and engagement Pop-Up Studio is known for at a fraction of the investment (and I know we all love fractions). 
We’ve stripped away budget and workload barriers so you can unleash that creative, artful educator within right away. Meaningful, tactile learning experiences are a few clicks away. Grab a resource and pop it up today! 

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Engaged students and an inspired environment are in your hands—literally. Pop-Up Studio invites us to step into our artistry as responsive teachers who empower learners as fellow thinkers and creatives. Integrating neuroscience with teaching approaches such as concept-based, play-based, and inquiry, Pop-Up Studio is a guide to igniting agency, artistry, and understanding with students anytime, anywhere! 

A guide to cultivate meaning and delight with today’s learners

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+ over 150 pages with full-colour images, examples from real JK-Middle Years classrooms, 100+ practical prompts and graphics, and 30+ journaling features
+ Exclusive link to free, digital and fillable support materials
+ Custom-designed and ethically published with love in Canada
+ Perfect for university-level courses specializing in creative teaching approaches such as Instructional Design and Creativity and The Arts in Childhood.
+ Premium Edition (author signed + printed on ethically sourced FSC paper available through Misty ($45 USD includes free shipping in North America using Canada Post). 

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Gone are the days of quiet, reserved book clubs fit for the Queen—we’re popping up the book club experience, making it hands-on and experiential so you can bring to life the concepts within the pages of any book! Designed for fans of Pop-Up Studio, you’ll be able to host a meaningful and memorable conversation using any content. You can even use my Pop-Up Studio book as the first text in your club!

Create an interactive, unforgettable book club experience

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+ A 12-page book club planning guide
+ 6 role cards to empower each guest with a fun responsibility
+ A sample book club schedule plus a template to make your own
+ 2 email templates to communicate with your guests
+ A printable bookmark for your book club members

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Meet your one-stop-shop for a meaningful, memorable book club experience! We’ve bundled everything you need for an intimate learning circle. All you need to do is grab the snacks.

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+ 6 author-signed copies of the PREMIUM edition of Pop-Up Studio: Responsive Teaching for Today’s Learners
+ 1 Digital Book Club Kit (Planning Guide, Role Cards, Schedule Template, Email Templates, Printable Bookmark)
+ Perfect for school or home book clubs. Don't forget to use your PD funds!
+ Shipping within North America included. Expect a tracking number, insurance, and delivery within 7 business days. Products are final sale and are shipped weekly on Tuesdays. 

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Readers are Saying

Kath Murdoch, Educational Consultant

“This is such a beautiful book. What I love about it is the creativity of Misty’s approach—it’s catchy and compelling and really works to make the complex dance of inquiring with learners elegantly simple.”

Jocelyn Singh, Teacher

“Pop-up Studio is filled with gorgeous pictures, inspiring quotes, and practical strategies that will empower you to take your teaching to another level. If you want to learn how to make inquiry-based teaching a reality, then this is the book for you.”

Workshop Participant, Blind Feedback Survey

“I already planned a lesson that I taught today using the methods from the book, and it was awesome! I am already a more confident, engaging teacher.”

David Barnum, Faculty Advisor

“How can educators incorporate inquiry into their practice? Misty provides lived experiences as concrete examples, along with the pedagogical foundation that affirms this shift. This will become part of my professional library!”

Colleen Beggs, Teacher

“This book is a straightforward tool as we transform our schools into places where engagement, focus, purpose, collaboration, competence, and pride are visible throughout the process of inquiry.”

Mary-Lynn Heron, Principal

“Pop-Up Studio resonates so deeply for me. Your work is so key in a society where there is such a mindset of scarcity, especially when we speak of creativity and how to manifest more of it!”

Dr. H. Lynn Erickson

“Pop-Up Studio reminds us how important it is to focus on the student as a learner, and to draw out creativity as well as the intellect in both the student and the teacher. I love this book!”

Want to experience Pop-Up Studio in real life? You’re in good company. Join the hundreds of teachers, administrators, and parents who have integrated Pop-Up Studio into their practice after an enlivened day of hands-on learning.

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Wondering where to begin with Pop-Up Studio? 

This introductory guide equips you with a handful of content-neutral, research-based question stems and performance tasks you can use to help learners see relevancy in their work, build subject expertise, and evoke delight in learning. 

See Misty in action, and join alongside other educators as they explore Place as Provocation and Materials as Thinking Partners. The video includes a fun sheet to optimize engagement. Grab a pen, souvenir and dig in!

Pop-Up Studio is all about generating responsible relationships to the materials in our lives, to the ideas we’ve inherited, and ultimately, to each other and the natural world. Discover the philosophy, backstory, and inspiration behind the book now with this FREE introductory chapter.