Pop-Up Studio workshops make play, concept, and inquiry-based pedagogies tangible, and thus, practical. By involving participants in the being-and-doing of these approaches, educators walk away with critical experience to facilitate meaning-making with their learners. 

From single 60-min sessions to multi-day boutique adventures, booking a Pop-Up Studio experience is a personalized event. Expect to weave research, hands-on materials, and compelling concepts within your curricula, to build engagement and deepen understanding of how your students are wired to learn.  What are you waiting for? Let's Pop-Up your PD!

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If you’re asking yourself, “Concept-based what?”, fear not! Pop-Up Studios are parent friendly and can be a game-changer for homeschooling. Gain the skills needed to teach your budding geniuses with curiosity and ingenuity.

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Boring PD Days are a thing of the past! Pop-Up Studios will inspire collaboration and action within your teaching staff. Together, we’ll bring our learning to life and ignite the fire for pedagogical change.

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Who it's for:

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A hands-on, experiential workshop

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty! We’ll co-create experiences to help you integrate playful, concept-based approaches to inquiry for any subject in your classroom. We’ll transform your learning space—at school or at home, in person or online—into a colourful, playful studio where we investigate and contextualize your subject areas through the lens of bigger-picture concepts. Leave with a sense of agency to make change! 

what's included

+ An after school, half- or full-day in-person or virtual workshop
+ Research to answer the question: “Why these approaches now?”
+ Real-life examples of Pop-Up Studio with learners 
+ Readily available, low-cost materials to play with (material list provided for virtual workshops)
+ Inquiry into compelling concepts through hands-on experiences
+ Recommendations for very-next-steps to establish traction 

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What you can expect:

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This two-day, personalized, high-touch, lux-style event is for dedicated educators seeking pedagogical nourishment through facilitated encounters with places, people, and materials. You've read my book and/or are familiar with the approaches within. You want next-level PD to expand your teaching.
Gather friends + food and let me do the rest.

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Booking a conference and need an engaging speaker with a proven track-record? I've been leading PD for over 20 years! If inclusive, student-centered experiences for deep engagement, student agency, and authentic community building sounds like your conference mission, click the button below. Let's make your event a smashing success together!

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Tired of the transmission model of PD?  Wow  and empower your team instead! Learn how to facilitate interactive, memorable experiences where your school community is learning together. Involve your team in student-centered, super-engaging, tactile experiences. Leave with an integrated road map that you can trust to actualize your professional goals. 


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Pro-D Day

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Which option best reflects your needs?

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Clients are Saying


“Your presentation really demystified concept-based learning for my IB teacher candidates, as many referred to this and to your work in their professional growth plans. You definitely made an impact.”

Katie B., Teacher

“This is the kind of PD I love: When you come out feeling better than you went in.”

Tara Abernethy, High School Teacher

"I really loved how you invited us to share and take risks while stating that you respect our boundaries. I felt really secure in participating and that is not always easy for me. I would like to create that kind of a space for my students. " 

We’ll set up your Pop-Up Studio with hands-on workstations that educate and inspire.

Pop it up!

We’ll lay the foundation for your workshop together, whether it’s at school or home, for teachers or parents, in-person or online. I’ll curate the materials and you’ll prepare your stakeholders.

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How it Works

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Read the Introduction

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Download my mini-toolkit

Wondering where to begin with Pop-Up Studio? 

This introductory guide equips you with a handful of content-neutral, research-based question stems and performance tasks you can use to help learners see relevancy in their work, build subject expertise, and evoke delight in learning. 

See Misty in action, and join alongside other educators as they explore Place as Provocation and Materials as Thinking Partners. The video includes a fun sheet to optimize engagement. Grab a pen, souvenir and dig in!

Pop-Up Studio is all about generating responsible relationships to the materials in our lives, to the ideas we’ve inherited, and ultimately, to each other and the natural world. Discover the philosophy, backstory, and inspiration behind the book now with this FREE introductory chapter.