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What is a Pop-Up Studio? It's a creative space for meaning making!

Pop-Up Studio is a sustainable process and platform. It's a special combination of teaching processes that cultivate high student engagement. 

From classrooms to kitchens, students of all ages weave concepts, materials, and inquiry experiences together to create memorable learning that feels joyful, magical, purposeful, and even healing.

Professional learning with Pop-Up Studio translates into time-saving, high impact practices. Imagine getting your evenings and weekends back AND still be a rock-star educator!

Turning classrooms into creative hubs

why Pop-Up STudio?

Pop-Up Studio is all about...

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We are born with unique gifts and wired for change.  Sharing our wisdom and working  compassionately empowers and betters us all! #lifelonglearning

Caring, sustainable co-inquiry  

We work carefully to value and nurture all aspects of learning and all stakeholder groups, including the more-than-human world, for the highest collective good. 

Working (w)holistically

We prioritize hands-on learning and playful idea generating and refining. Expect to walk away bursting with ideas and solutions you (and your students) will remember and share, long after class ends!

Joyful, purposeful playing

Regardless of age, learners want relevant experiences that speak to their unique circumstances. When we connect students’ own meaningful, lived experiences to new, broader contexts, we help them contextualize and internalize the subject matter. 

Contextualizing and personalizing

Teaching with concepts, materials, and experiences helps us become pattern finders and innovators. Pair this with craftsmanship and we've got students poised to lead with insight, creativity, and care.

Building expertise and artistry 

And the best part? Experiential learning sticks. Together, we'll fast-track sustainable change. 

contact Misty

With over 20 years of teaching experience, and a track record of turning schools around, it’s safe to say that education is more than my career—it’s my calling. I travel the globe to champion your teaching dreams into reality.  


Hello PhD candidacy! Educators across the globe claim Pop-Up Studio is therapeutic, magical, transformative, helpful, and inspiring. 


A new concept-based curriculum and teacher requests lead to long term projects and book writing to support sustainable change. I'm speaking alongside B.C.'s Chief Education Officer! I've got my CBCI certification.


Earning top scores in my Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree,  I'm appointed Adjunct Teaching Professor, Cohort Coordinator, and Faculty Advisor at the University of British Columbia. I'm still leading workshops, and become Program Advisor for an arts organization (the Vancouver Biennale). 


I’ve co-led the first public school in Western Canada to become an IB PYP World School as the youngest Vice Principal in the history of my public school district. I'm an IB coordinator too, leading innovative research into Living Inquiry in my classroom. 


Before there was Pop-Up Studio, it was just me: equal parts new teacher, lifelong learner, and apprentice. 


Curriculum and pedagogy artist

Meet misty



I won a cooking competition



I'm an award-winning teacher



Flashdance is my favourite movie.



I am an Early Years specialist



I used to be a Hula dancer in Maui

Yes! I lived my first 8 years on Maui, Hawaii and took lessons.

This is actually true! I took lessons when I lived in Maui.

Surprisingly no. While I've been to Reggio, and love EYs, middle years is my jam.

Right! Most of my classroom experience is with 10-13 year olds.

It is ONE OF my favourite movies.  I've got too many to count!

Despite seeing it MANY times, I actually don't have a favourite movie.

Yes - I won a Math teaching award!

It's true! I  apprenticed under a math consultant.

Sure did! In 1997, in Beijing, China in fact. For sweet potato soup.

This is a true story- ask me next time you see me!

Let's play a game: Get to know Misty!

I may be a go-to resource on Inquiry, but I’m always learning with you. I believe the best results come from responsive collaboration and transparency.

Together, we’ll co-create better ways of teaching for today’s learners by stepping into our artistry. 

We’re all learning


Want to experience Pop-Up Studio for yourself? You’re in good company. Join thousands of Pop-Up Studio fans and the growing movement for more holistic, joyful, and embodied learning that builds expertise AND empathic leadership.  

Let’s pop it up!

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giving back

Thank you for making a difference!

When you invest in your practice through Pop-Up Studio, you also improve learning and living conditions for children who need it most. We donate a portion of the proceeds to charities that provide access to direct experiences that build a sense of hope, discovery, and possibility. 

We’ve supported Backback Buddies, Hogan’s Alley Society, Harvest Project, and Kids Up Front, as examples.

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Wondering where to begin with Pop-Up Studio? 

This introductory guide equips you with a handful of content-neutral, research-based question stems and performance tasks you can use to help learners see relevancy in their work, build subject expertise, and evoke delight in learning. 

See Misty in action, and join alongside other educators as they explore Place as Provocation and Materials as Thinking Partners. The video includes a fun sheet to optimize engagement. Grab a pen, souvenir and dig in!

Pop-Up Studio is all about generating responsible relationships to the materials in our lives, to the ideas we’ve inherited, and ultimately, to each other and the natural world. Discover the philosophy, backstory, and inspiration behind the book now with this FREE introductory chapter.