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How to start Child-Led Curriculum Planning

Studio Stories

How to start Child-led Curriculum Planning

Ever heard the term “children are the curriculum” and wondered what that even means or why it matters? Meet child-led curriculum advocate and educator Nawal Q. Casiano, founder of NQC Literacy. Nawal has learned to how to stop guessing the topics that will engage her children and to start eliciting the information instead. Nawal’s advice is simple: stop, look, and listen to children. Sounds easy right? And it can be. In this Studio Stories episode, Nawal shows us exactly how she makes children the curriculum. Her advice comes from parenting four children, teaching hundreds of students, and coaching dozens of educators. If you’re ready fast track engagement based on children’s interests, watch this episode of Studio Stories.

In this episode you’ll learn:

+ how to explain what child-led curriculum is to parents, colleagues, and your friends

+ why child-led curriculum matters to your students

+ a time-saving first move you can make to get started today

Are you ready to bring children’s interests to life in your classroom?

Grab your journal and press play now!

Begin attending and resourcing children’s interests with these tips:

1. Note Nawal’s book recommendations here:

2. Ask your learners this question:

What do you want to learn more about?

Don’t just listen to the answer my friend. Grab a pen and paper and write it down. Even better? Share your children’s interests in a comment below to inspire someone else.

Let’s save you valuable time friend. Stop guessing the topics that will engage your students and start resourcing the ones they actually want to learn.

Here’s to your passion and purpose,

xo Misty

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