Learning comes alive and disillusion fades when we can collaborate face-to-face with fellow passionate professionals. Wondering what’s on offer in the Pop-Up Studio? Click the button below to find community. We’re getting inspired together!

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Pop-Up Studio in Brussels!

Collaboration with ampers& Consulting

March 4-5, 2023 

Reconnect with likeminded educators FACE TO FACE in BRUSSELS!  Imagine 2 joyful days of sensory-rich experimentation designed to inspire your inner pedagogical artist. Learn to create, facilitate + assess concept-based playscapes your students will love!

Here’s what you’ll get:

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+ Copy of Pop-Up Studio: Responsive Teaching for Today's Learners
+ Experience arts-informed and concept-based learning firsthand
+ High touch practice with 2 flexible frameworks you can teach your students
+ Develop deeper relationships and network with likeminded professionals
+ Leave with an action plan that is personalized to your context  

Kaleidoscope of Inquiry Conference

2 day In-Person workshop in vancouver, B.C. Canada

April 23-24. 2022

The Kaleidoscope of Inquiry Conference brings together a group of globally renowned educators who, over 1.5 days, will invite participants to take a deep dive into the transformative potential of inquiry-based practices in classrooms, staff rooms and communities at large. Our presenters reflect a diverse range of experiences from teaching preschool through to senior secondary schools and universities. They have worked around the world in a range of settings and bring unique perspectives on the ways in which inquiry can be harnessed for powerful learning. While each presenter has expertise in the field of inquiry learning, this will be the first time they have come together to create such a special professional learning experience!

Let's create pathways to:

+ design flexible contexts for concept-driven inquiry using low-cost materials and purposeful play
+leverage adaptive frameworks to “pop-up” your inquiries, on-the-spot, alongside learners
+ practice the art and science of marveling using Pop-Up Studio’s POWR coaching cycle
Bonus: Learn with a community of global educations

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Igniting Inquiry Conference

3-4 day In-Person+ Virtual workshop in Middletown,USA

April 26-28/29, 2022

A four-day conference of inspiring and interactive experiences, focused on improving inquiry practices. This is a rare East Coast opportunity to learn with globally recognized inquiry leader Kath Murdoch and me! Kath is leading Day 1 and 2 and I'm leading Day 3 and (for in-person friends) Day 4.

We're teaming up with dynamic inquiry facilitators Lu Gerlach, Michael Medvinsky, and Mondrea Mitchell. These seasoned educators will facilitate engaging in-person and state-of-the-art virtual, large and small-group experiences.

let's develop expertise in:

+ stepping into role as inquiry architects and artists
+ designing both long and short term inquiries with Kath Murdoch's cycle
+leverage adaptive frameworks to “pop-up” student and teacher interests/curiosities, on-the-spot, using accessible materials

Bonus: Learn with a community of global educations

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Picture This!  


May 24, 2022 

3 Hands- on Invitations to Boost Creativity and Critical Thinking Across Your Curriculum with Picture Books 

The art and artistry of picture books is worth exploring and savouring with students of all ages. This session will offer three ready-to-use invitations, with any type of picture book, to boost creativity, reasoning, and expression.

 While often seen as simple texts, picture books can be complex, interconnected provocations that invite readers into endless meaning-making possibilities. Come experience the power of picture books for yourself!

registration details released in March

 coming soon

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