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In-Person Workshop with CASIE

2 Full Days: Live workshop in Atlanta, Georgia

Nov 9-10, 2023

Creating a Concept-based Inquiry Studio: Igniting Agency for Authentic Learning

I'm so excited to transform CASIE’s workshop space into a participatory studio so you can experience Pop-Up Studio firsthand, just like students in my classrooms. Through model lessons and guided reflection cycles, you’ll practice pragmatic methods that can apply directly to your context, thus building your skills to nurture inclusive, student-centered inquiry. Leave with a ready-to-launch action plan and support network to transfer your learning on Monday morning.

Let's explore aims like:

+building conceptual understanding and proficiency within and across subject areas
+ using inquiry as an approach to teaching concepts
+ igniting curiosity in students so that it sparks engagement into meaningful research
+ a tactile approach to inquiry
+ transforming my classroom into a studio atmosphere deepen learning

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Wondering where to begin with Pop-Up Studio? 

This introductory guide equips you with a handful of content-neutral, research-based question stems and performance tasks you can use to help learners see relevancy in their work, build subject expertise, and evoke delight in learning. 

See Misty in action, and join alongside other educators as they explore Place as Provocation and Materials as Thinking Partners. The video includes a fun sheet to optimize engagement. Grab a pen, souvenir and dig in!

Pop-Up Studio is all about generating responsible relationships to the materials in our lives, to the ideas we’ve inherited, and ultimately, to each other and the natural world. Discover the philosophy, backstory, and inspiration behind the book now with this FREE introductory chapter.