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Alberta Literacy Institute (Virtual Event)


May 24, 2023 

Workshop Title: Picture This! 3 Hands- on Invitations to Boost Creativity and Critical Thinking Across Your Curriculum with Picture Books 

The art and artistry of picture books is worth exploring and savouring with students of all ages. This session will offer three ready-to-use invitations, with any type of picture book, to boost creativity, reasoning, and expression.

 While often seen as simple texts, picture books can be complex, interconnected provocations that invite readers into endless meaning-making possibilities. Join Misty for this 75 min session and  experience the power of picture books for yourself!

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EduRetreat in Brussels!

Collaboration with ampers& Consulting

March 2-3, 2024 

Connect on a deeper level with likeminded educators, FACE TO FACE in BRUSSELS!  Step out of the everyday and suspend your "to do" list in exchange for 2 joyful days of sensory-rich experimentation. Experience a natural flow of learning through tactile interactions designed to awaken your artistry. Leave feeling rejuvenated with clear next steps. 

Here’s what you’ll get:

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+ Copy of Pop-Up Studio: Responsive Teaching for Today's Learners
+ Experience arts-informed and concept-based learning firsthand
+ Sustained practice with 2 flexible frameworks you can teach your students
+ Develop authentic relationships and network with likeminded professionals
+ A personalized action plan and accountability partner to support next steps 

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